Wednesday, February 20, 2013

19th Birthday ♥♥

Hi,Yesterday was mia big day, my 19th birthday.Getting older and older don't want to get into 20 years old la :( seem so old. and so i went to Padi House,Sri Petaling to celebrate with my beloved friends, although just three of them but i received you guys wishes with lots of love . Appreciated  

Lets the photo do the talking :)

                                   Dinner of the day .Green apple juice and aglio olio pasta 
                                       Birthday cake of the night.Although is a small pieces but is full of love 

                                                 Group photo of the night with my love 

                                                            Why your mouth so big ?!

                                                             My Gorgeous Girls 
Perasan sangat punya xD 

Yea thats all for this post.Once again thanks for all the wishes and the present .