Wednesday, February 20, 2013

19th Birthday ♥♥

Hi,Yesterday was mia big day, my 19th birthday.Getting older and older don't want to get into 20 years old la :( seem so old. and so i went to Padi House,Sri Petaling to celebrate with my beloved friends, although just three of them but i received you guys wishes with lots of love . Appreciated  

Lets the photo do the talking :)

                                   Dinner of the day .Green apple juice and aglio olio pasta 
                                       Birthday cake of the night.Although is a small pieces but is full of love 

                                                 Group photo of the night with my love 

                                                            Why your mouth so big ?!

                                                             My Gorgeous Girls 
Perasan sangat punya xD 

Yea thats all for this post.Once again thanks for all the wishes and the present . 

Friday, January 18, 2013


Say Hi to 2013 , a brand new year .I had done my AS exam and I'm now doing A2 syllabus while waiting for AS result which will be out at next Tuesday.God damn I'm fucking nervous now! Hope i can pass all the three subjects  but of course i hope to get at least grade C or B ? **Pray Pray** God Bless ME 
I found myself become more stupid and slower year by year.I can't really understand and get what lecturer taught us.A2 syllabus is harder than AS ,need to put more effort and focus during lecture class.Stop day-dreaming my dear :(  Ewwww stop talking about this .Drive me crazy @#$%%^  Be optimistic ! 

Talking about friends, I think I'm kind of anti-social maybe ? Can't make friend easily :(  Well,resolution in 2013 : Improve in social interaction .This is so important . But luckily i still have my High school girls.We seldom outing because we study at different college or Uni but we are still in a gooooodd relationship.   One thing that is kinda sad :(  that the 8 club had become the 7 club .I hope you can come back with the original or real you. My door is always open to you :) *To  Friends : we should hang out more la Aduh .
And ..

Yahoo ! Chinese New Year is coming soon. The most excited thing about CNY is the moment we get Angpow right ? I haven start to buy my new year cloth *budget problem* xD Need to start hunting for new clothing ,shoes and accessory as well! Imma happy girl when shopping Wahahaha .Girls Fact ~~ 
New Year wish ? Boyfriend ? ahahhaha Man Man Lai . Enjoy the single life xD 
Ler new year wish should be Slim down and become prettier right ? Girls' Wishes all the time 

Yay, shall end here :)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Antipodean Cafe @ Bangsar

A late post.
* 10th Nov 2012 *  night .Me and my siblings have an urge to have dinner at AntipodeanCafe which is located at Bangsar.Fyi, Bangsar have a lot of delicious food and nice cafe,but it is quite pricy for me as i'm still a student.But nice food is worth for it right ?Antipodean Cafe is famous with thier Breakfast menu and served with good coffee.

Thier menu is wrote on the board.I wish they have a hand out menu to make it more easier for consumer to read .

- Nicoise Salad - 

- Big Breakfast - Scramble egg, Mushroom,Hashbrown ,Toast ,Bacon 

- Smoked Salmon Omelette Cappuccino - Healthy Juice 

*I had Big Breakfast as my dinner * LOL

So far thier food tasted nice .But i unable to finish it. Feel guilty
End post .

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant With Da Girls

Hello ,my AS exam finished.I was like finally.This exam took us one month Kinda bored xD I had no comment about my exam.Lets forget about it Wait for the result and enjoy the Holidays! Yahoo imma happy girl

Well back to the topic .Have dinner with mua babes yesterday.Long time didn't meet up with them.Miss them so much but just five of us went to the gathering .SAD :(  We had Korean Cuisine at Daorae Korean BBq Restaurant which is located at Sri Petaling.And guess what ,this is my very first time to fetch my friends out. * Feel so proud* muahahahaha *kinda Perasan*

Da menu 


Acting again 

BBQ Beef 

Kimchi Soup

Dderk-bokgi . also known as Rice cracker in english.

Kimchi Fried Rice. Forgot to take photo before we ate.We are Starving xD  * Sorry * 

Im big head 

Credited to:Vivien Lee
So funny .Because two of them couldn't attend the gathering.So we photoshop thier face in xD

Fong i blur your face.Don't scold me :) 

Take one 

Take two

Take three 


Had a great night with my girls.We headed to Sri Petaling Pasar Malam too.Ate again *FATTTT
Can't wait for next outing already .Hehe
Thats all .BYE

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mickey Mouse Bonanza

HEY !! Its been quite a loooooonngggg time i didn't update my bloggie :P 
Well,before i start the Mickey mouse post. I would like to post about my life recently. I'm now a college student .Currently study at Brickfields Asia College (BAC) ,The Nation No.1 Law School . Everyone seem surprised that i choose this course .Honestly ,i have no idea why i choose this course ? Myabe i like to fight for justice ? Or.... Lawyer can earn much more money $$ . hehe 

Back to topic .
Went to Mid-valley on Thursday after accounting class to meet my sisters and for the main purpose Mickey Mouse Bonanza !! The bonanza is located at Mid-valley Ground floor. There were so many Mickey .Hmm..I'm not a Mickey fans but it is just too cuteeeee and i LIKE it ! Hahaha :P 
Let the photo do the talking !

 My Sistar <3

 Design by -- The One Academy 

Try to act 拳王 but Failed ! @@

 Burberry :D 

 Suhsi King 

 Amber Chia 

 如花 !

 Bridegroom Donald Duck 

 Bride Daisy ? Idk well about cartoon .Sorry if i mistaken ! 

 Lace Mickey ! Sexyy ? :D

I do look like a Malay when i stand between both of my sis :'(

Thats all for my post ! Have a nice day !
Between, i having one week Sem break from now on ! But it is actually a study week because we are going to sit for Mid-term exam for Malaysian and Moral studies .OMGGG  
Hope i can do well . God Bless Me .